Minibeasts to look for in January — Snail


Where to look

Snails like damp places, so look anywhere cool and damp. Under logs and vegetation are good places to start looking


 Snail is the common name for gastropod molluscs that can be split into three groups, land snails, sea snails and freshwater snails. There are around 80 types of snail and 20 Slugs in the UK. Slugs are basically shell-less snails, although some slugs do still have tiny shells on their backs and most have a little one inside their bodies. Most snail species have a ribbon-like tongue called a radula that contains thousands of microscopic teeth. The radula works like a file, ripping food up into tiny pieces. Put a snail on glass and you can see them working! Most snails are herbivores (plant eaters) and eat leaves, stems and flowers, which is why gardeners and farmers think they are such pests. As they move along, snails leave behind a trail of mucus (slime!) which acts as a lubricant to reduce surface friction and stops water loss. They are hermaphrodites (both sexes in one animal!). During mating both animals are fertilised so both can lay eggs!  

Where we've found Snails

Snail spottings journal (19 seen)

Last seen Location Spotted by Group Notes
15 May 2023 Stroud Valleys Project
17 Mar 2022 Stroud Valleys Project
28 Jan 2022 Moseley Crescent Louie Foxmoor Primary
14 Jan 2022 Jack Russell Close Satvik Foxmoor Primary
1 Feb 2021 Garden and allotment Stanley Brimacombes Lots in the garden and the allotment. The snail shells are a spiral curl.
18 Jan 2021 Stroud Tamsin Stroud Valleys Project I had to look everywhere for these snails as they were hiding away from the cold!
19 Dec 2020 Dudbridge Rox The Leopards
8 Jun 2020 Finley Ireland Class
29 Apr 2020 Garden Amélie Cooks&Co
30 Mar 2020 celplsmmillE Ella The Weaver's
28 Mar 2020 Polzeath, Cornwall. Gavin Blended Spotted in Polzeath, Cornwall.
26 Mar 2020 Stroud Emma Snails Garden Snail
26 Mar 2020 Stroud Emma Snails Garden Snail
12 Mar 2020 Blended
11 Jan 2020 Sean N Buckley-Nolans Lovely snail in our garden
7 Jan 2020 Buckley-Nolans
7 Jan 2020 Buckley-Nolans
7 Jan 2020 tamsin b Stroud Valleys Project We found this by the pond
5 Jan 2020 Ilse L Drury-Layfields Lovely snail picture by Karoline Rerrie.


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