Minibeasts to look for in June — Moth


Where to look

This month during the day, look on flowers such as Ragwort (it is only mildly poisonous to humans and the amount that would need to be consumed by a person to damage them would be enormous. There is no serious risk of liver damage from handling the plant, from its pollen or from being contact with it in any way At night look around outside lights and your windows, where they may be attracted to your lights.


During June it is easier to spot moths because although most are usually active at night, this month sees more day flying species. The way to tell the difference between a butterfly and a moth is usually is to do with the different way in which they hold their wings at rest and their antennae. Butterflies tend to rest with their wings closed vertically while moths rest with them open horizontally. Butterflies generally have clubbed antenna while moths have a variety of types from string-like to feathery. Butterflies also tend to be brighter but day flying moths like the six spot burnet in the picture, are also very colourful! Moths are usually masters of disguise and often are so well camouflaged that they are hard to spot! 

Where we've found Moths

Moth spottings journal (9 seen)

Last seen Location Spotted by Group Notes
23 Aug 2020 St Breward Daisy Blended Brown Silver-line moth hiding in the undergrowth!
1 Jul 2020 Stroud Valley Community School
14 Jun 2020 Rodborough Common Gav Blended A lovely and bright Cinnabar moth.
8 Jun 2020 Finley Ireland Class Pretty
2 Jun 2020 Arundel mill pond Tamsin Stroud Valleys Project Scarlet tiger moth
2 Jun 2020 Cirencester Primary School ET Wales Class white and grey about 0.5cm
1 Jun 2020 strawberry banks Tamsin Stroud Valleys Project Think this is a small argent and sable moth...!
21 May 2020 St Breward Gavin Blended A beautiful Speckled Yellow moth in St Breward, North Cornwall!
1 May 2020 Cam Chloe Wild group By my big house


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