Butterflies & moths to look for in July — Marbled White Butterfly

Marbled White Butterfly
Photo credit: Bob Smith

Where to look

To see one, look in flowery chalk grassland which has not been used for farming, our commons are perfect! But they are found in other habitats such as; woodland rides and clearings, coastal grassland, road verges, railway embankments and sometimes even gardens


Marbled Whites (Melanargia galathea) are the only butterflies in the UK with these striking black and white markings, so are hard to mistake for anything else. The main difference between male and females is that the females have a slight brown tinge to the undersides of their wings. They are found mainly in southern England & Wales and are scarce everywhere else, but they have been spreading northwards in the last twenty years, perhaps due to global warming.

For more info see https://butterfly-conservation.org/butterflies/marbled-white

Where we've found Marbled White Butterflys

Marbled White Butterfly spottings journal (3 seen)

Last seen Location Spotted by Group Notes
23 Aug 2020 New Polzeath, Cornwall Daisy Blended Marbled White!
1 Jul 2020 swifts hill Stroud Valley Community School
13 Jun 2020 Wiltshire Tamsin Stroud Valleys Project


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