Butterflies & moths to look for in May — Orange Tip Butterfly

Orange Tip Butterfly

Where to look

To see one, look in damp places such as meadows, woodland clearings, hedgerows and along stream and riverbanks. However, they also regularly visit gardens as well!


While other butterflies hibernate to give them a head start in spring, the orange tip (Anthocharis cardamines) is usually the first butterfly species to emerge from a chrysalis. Their name comes from the orange tips of the male’s forewings. Females lack the orange colouring, but like the males, have green and white mottling on the underside of the wings which helps sort them out from other white butterflies.

For more info see https://butterfly-conservation.org/butterflies/orange-tip

Where we've found Orange Tip Butterflies

Orange Tip Butterfly spottings journal (13 seen)

Last seen Location Spotted by Group Notes
27 May 2020 Stroud Valley Community School
19 May 2020 Garden Jo The Weaver's
19 May 2020 Shepherds Croft The Weaver's
18 May 2020 Chesterton Farm Track, Cirencester Alfie Ireland Class Drawn by Alfie Black Age 6 "His favourite Butterfly"
7 May 2020 Our garden Gabb
5 May 2020 Seen on the Wessex Ridgeway on our walk up Etchilhampton Hill. Nanny Cooks&Co
5 May 2020 SN10 2ES Pops Cooks&Co 5 Orange Wing Butterflies seen amongst canalside vegetation at home.
5 May 2020 Filton Lana The Emmetts
3 May 2020 Polzeath Daisy Blended Orange tip! Hard to photograph because it wouldn't stay still!
27 Apr 2020 Garden Amélie Cooks&Co Two together
14 Apr 2020 Lower Amble, Cornwall. Gav Blended The female orange tip butterfly has one of my favourite underwing patterns. So vibrant! Spotted this one in a garden in Lower Amble, Cornwall.
13 Apr 2020 Stroud Tamsin Stroud Valleys Project
11 Apr 2020 In my garden Xavier MogsHouse


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